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Simon Painting and Remodeling BBB Business Review

The Trusted Painter You Need for an Impressive Home

Keeping a well-painted and well-functioning home is essential if you want to have a lovely, safe, and comfortable property. If you are a homeowner in Rockport, TX who wants to upgrade and beautify their house, you have come to the right place. Simon Painting & Remodeling is one of the top painting service providers in the locale. You can count on us to deliver a mesmerizing and top-quality outcome.

Our Services

Residential Painting

Residential Painting
As days, weeks, months, and years pass, the paint will look faded and less appealing. But fixing this problem is not that hard, especially when you hire our residential painting contractor for reliable residential painting services. We'll prepare the place for your interior house painting project and protect the trim. Then, we'll prime the surfaces and paint the walls with a fresh and lovely tint.

Remodeling Service

Remodeling Service
Why settle with a worn-out and damaged property when you can improve and restore it to its former glory? With our drywall remodeling services and more, you will soon enjoy one of the most impressive homes in the area. We can help plan the layout, pick the ideal materials, and speak with the workers. We'll update you now and then about the progress of the project.


To have smooth walls or ceilings, you need well-handled and well-installed drywall. If you plan to repair the damage or hang new material, we are the experts you need for the task. We can inspect its condition and fix everything in a jiffy. We'll screw the new boards properly and mud the wall before we tape the joints. We will re-mud it after a day with a finished coat.


The appearance and condition of your floor will play a role in the safety and appeal of your living space. You should keep it well maintained. If the flooring material has become very old, you shouldn't delay installing a new stylish alternative. Turn to our exterior house painting company for a flooring service. We can prepare the workspace, clear the area, lay the new material, and carefully install it.


Are you planning to demolish an old property? Never handle it yourself! Demolition is a risky task and should be carried out with the help of a trained and equipped expert. With safe and controlled techniques, we can demolish interior walls, old buildings, small structures, stand-alone garages, and more for you in the safest way possible. You can expect neat and reliable results from us!

Other Service We Provide

As flexible and well-trained specialists, we also provide another service. Don’t overlook reaching out to us if you want to add magnificent windstorm-proof storage sheds for your outdoor area! We can construct the sheds for you meticulously with the use of exemplary tools, materials, and equipment. If you choose our team, you are guaranteed sturdy and long-lasting storage shed.

Reasons to Choose Our Assistance

Putting your trust in our interior painting services and more won’t just guarantee satisfying and exemplary outcomes for your home. You will have more spare time for other significant matters such as tasks at work and errands. Plus, our affordable house painting experts are very eager to help customers, so why not give us a chance to make you happy and satisfied with your house?

Our Top-Tier Work Process

After you hire our house painting company, we will arrive with the tools, vehicles, equipment, and supplies we will need. Then, we will clear the area and make sure it is ready for the task you want us to do. After that, we will begin working on your specific requests. We will handle every detail carefully.

Other Areas We Serve

Homeowners residing in the areas mentioned can also enjoy our assistance. 

  • Port Aransas, TX
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Taft, TX
  • Ingleside, TX
  • Aransas Pass, TX 
  • Rockport, TX 

The interior painter you are looking for is Simon Painting & Remodeling. You can rely on us to deliver gleaming and smooth finishes for your home in Rockport, TX. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Great Work

Alex and his crew did a great job. Had them do interior walls and kitchen and bath cabinets. They communicated when they’d be there to work and showed promptly. Actually got to us a week ahead of time working around rained out exterior jobs. They did a very good job.

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